On 06/10/2010 03:24 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
Hi Stephen,

We're running on MySQL. I don't know why you'd be seeing such a huge delay with PostgreSQL though. Can you tell me which pages are showing delays? (Is it all of them?)

Yeah, it's every page but the login page. That includes the admin UI.

if it's the dashboard, there are some known slowdowns when reaching large numbers of review requests. If the diff viewer, make sure your memcached is caching aggressively.

For the record, our test instance currently has fewer than thirty review requests so far, so I guarantee it's not this.

One thing you could try doing is going into Settings -> Logging and turn on Profiling. Then you can visit a page with slowdowns and run with ?profiling=1. This should output to a reviewboard.prof file in the logging directory with some details on the SQL queries and the code paths hit. If you could pass that on to me, I could take a look.

Yeah, I'm going to do some additional profiling. Something I noticed when doing testing on django_evolution (using the test suite you directed me to) was that I saw a difference of 7s vs. 45s for the time it took to run the suite. This is leading me to believe that the problem is more likely to be in python-pyscopg2 or Django itself, rather than ReviewBoard.

I'll let you know what I find.

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