We've got rb working, except with email.

Our user auth is set to ldap. I've noticed the mail attribute and
email domain settings in the auto page appear to be grayed out.

So far we've tried all the ldap and email settings and have seen the
-setting the mail attribute to 'mail' doesn't result in rb getting the
users email address from ldap. 'mail' is the correct attribute in our
ldap schema. Does it need a '%s' similar to the uid field?
- right now rb is trying to send email just using the ldap uid with no
'@domain.com'. Our mail system won't accept this. We've set the mail
domain field in the ldap/auto settings, but that seems to have no
effect.  How can we solve this?
- rb is sending as 'root' (even though it's running as the 'apache'
user.) it's not sending it as the admin user from the settings. How
can we specify the 'from' user for outgoing mail?

Thanks in advance for your help-


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