IIRC there's some naive logic in the remote Mercurial repo client inside
Reviewboard that screws up the number/presence of some '/' chars.  I think
a recently accepted patch fixed the logic, but you can get it working with
older versions of ReviewBoard by doing something like this:

for the "Path" value:


for the "Mirror path" value:


And yes, it really is the trailing slash.  No, this is not 1994.

If you haven't already tried, I can warn you that the current public release
of RBTools doesn't *actually* support plain ol' Mercurial usage, although it
*does* have good support for hgsubversion.  Another recently-accepted patch
fixes this (for the most part,) and a dist which includes it is available




On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 02:06:08PM -0700, Gordon Morehouse wrote:
> Hello,
> The manual page about repositories contains no information whatsoever
> about Mercurial.  Is it possible to configure a remote Mercurial repo
> either via HTTP(S) or SSH, or does Review Board require disk access to
> the repository?
> If it's possible via HTTP, what is the path to use?  The path to the
> human-browseable repo results in Review Board failing to apply diffs
> because it's attempting to apply them to HTML output from the
> browseable repository.
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