Sorry if this has been covered in the past but i don't seem to be able
to find the hsolution.
I have just install reviewboard on RHEL 5.5 x64. After the install I
am asked

   Manual server updates required

   A recent change requires manual updates to be made on this server.
After these changes are made, you should restart your     server.

   To keep track of future updates, please visit the Required Server
Updates page, or subscribe to the mailing list.

   The Review Board database schema has changed since your last
upgrade. To update your schema, run:

     $ ./manage.py syncdb
    Follow any additional instructions it may give you. If, for
example, it tells you to perform a schema evolution, run:

     $ ./manage.py evolve --execute

I ran ./manage.py syncdb but i get the output

[r...@reviewboard conf.d]#
Unable to read settings_local.py.

Please see http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/dev/admin/
for help setting up Review Board.

Any ideas?



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