I have an install of review board using bzr 2.1.1 and review board
1.0.9 using apache 2 and mod_wsgi. The application is running and
accessible over http. The problem I am having is that uploading a diff
always results in the error "Not a branch ", with a slash being
appended to path.

For example:
I have a local checkout at /home/myhome/checkouts/somekindabranch,
pulled from /usr/local/bzrbranches/somekindabranch.I make a change to /
home/myhome/checkouts/somekindabranch/README ,upload a diff via the
web form, setting the base directory to /somekindabranch , it gives
the error "Not a branch : /home/myhome/checkouts/somekindabranch/

anyone run into  this?

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