I am trying hard to set up LDAP Authentication for my ReviewBoard
setup , but no luck as yet.
I've got my  Sys Admin  to help me with LDAP settings, so I am pretty
sure that there is nothing wrong with those

Using RB versoin 1.0.8
Using memcached,mod_python
I've Installed python-ldap module

After completing LDAP settings , I restart Apache and try to login
with my  LDAP a/c
The screen just says "Incorrect username or password"

I have set the logging directory, but the reviewboard log file doesnt
show anything else apart from these 2-3 lines :
2010-07-08 14:57:02,858 - INFO - Logging to C:\reviewboard\logs
\reviewboard.log with a minimum level of DEBUG
2010-07-08 14:57:02,858 - INFO - Log file for Review Board v1.0.8

I've  tried putting debug stmts on various python files , which I
think are related to Authentication  ( backend.py, util.py ) but none
of my  debug-stmts are getting logged (I've ensured that the the pyc
file related to the changed files are updated)

Please tell me :
- Is there anything obvious that I am missing out ?
- How can I get more detailed logs in the reviewboard.log file (is
there any way to change the Debug Level ?)
- Give me some hints , some functions-names, so that I can try to
debug and understand what is stopping LDAP from working correclty.


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