How do You generate Your diff? This is important to generate diff in
unified format [].
There is also a tool to generate diff and send it automatically to
ReviewBoard called RBTools. Please read about post-review command
and try use it to generate or/and send diff to ReviewBoard.

On 8 Lip, 02:18, Sean Bigdatafun <> wrote:
> By the way, currently, I have not specified any "Group" yet. I guess this is
> not related to what I am seeing now.
> But please advice what I should do with specifying/adding "Group" if it
> needs to be setup.
> Thanks,
> Sean
> On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 5:13 PM, Sean Bigdatafun
> <>wrote:
> > I am a newbie using ReviewBoard, and I have managed to setup the
> > ReviewBoard web sever itself. Everything looks and feels same as the
> > demo page now.
> > However, after I linked it to an SVN repository (I did it under admin
> > account), then I (using a regular user account) tried to request a
> > "New Review Request". But I got the following error message "Unable to
> > parse diff revision header Wed Jul 07 2010 16:40:32".
> > Can anyone help me to understand why this is happening?
> > Thanks,
> > Sean

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