I am in the exact same situation as Erik. I already have a script (on
Windows) that will grab a diff of a shelve set and save to a file on
the local system. If anyone is interested it is "tf diff /
shelveset:<set> /format:unified /ignorespace /ignoreeol > the.diff".
The problem is that I can not move this diff into RB since there is no
TFS Repo support.

I opened http://code.google.com/p/reviewboard/issues/detail?id=1731
this week. I would be willing to pitch in to get some basic support
set up so our Org can use this great tool.


On Jul 7, 3:12 pm, Erik Bleifield <erikbleifi...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am seeking to propose using reviewboard at my company. We are one
> more TFS shop.
> Short of full TFS support, I am attempting to at least demo the
> functionality of reviewboard for a group of interested folks.
> I have some code files - initial and revisions - copied out to a
> directory.
> Is it possible to create a diff and upload it to review board without
> having reviewboard set to comprehend any source code repository?
> What are the steps to do this?
> What *specifically* is the patch diff command to generate a properly
> formatted diff for reviewboard to understand?
> I currently have the current 1.0 release installed on a windows
> server.
> Thanks,
> -----Erik

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