On 07/19/2010 03:00 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Sorry, I missed the e-mail where you attached the profile log. I'm
> looking through it now.
> The render_to_response was misleading. The slowdown is actually within
> precompute_objects, which does some database queries. That primarily
> does database queries, but the SQL logs show that they're not taking
> very long individually. Certainly not a total of 2 seconds. The
> rendering doesn't appear to be the slow part either.
> I don't know much about PostgreSQL, but it almost sounds like there's
> some issue in the configuration or something. If there's a delay in
> talking to the database (locking? bad connection?) then I could see
> that causing this. The low SQL query time is interesting. That makes
> me wonder if it's just an issue in establishing the first connection.

Well, the problem is that I'm seeing a lag of about 8 seconds for every
page load. I can't imagine the SQL query time being that slow...
Furthermore, there are other Django-based web applications talking to
this same database server without any obvious performance issues.
(Specifically, it's a Transifex instance, so it's low-traffic. That
wouldn't be wasting DB time).

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