On 07/19/2010 03:12 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Can you verify that the settings_local.py in Review Board and the
> settings.py in other Django sites are using the exact same database
> backend?
> Are all the sites running on the same server?
> The logs you provided show a lag of ~2 seconds rather than 8, though.
> If you're seeing 8 from your end, but the logs are showing 2, then
> there's a whole different issue happening, but I'm assuming it just
> varies on attempt and page.

Well, I think I may be seeing 2s of lag for each component being
displayed on the dashboard, which would account for the 8 seconds total.

I just confirmed that both Transifex and ReviewBoard are both using
postgresql-psycopg2 to talk to the database.

Transifex and ReviewBoard themselves are both running on separate
servers. Transifex has a dedicated machine at the moment, while
ReviewBoard is shared with a number of Trac instances (but the load is
low and there's plenty of free memory).

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