I'm wondering if there has been any progress on the DVCS front.  I'd
be very interested in the current design.  Is one of the GSOC students
actively working on this?

On Jun 2, 6:08 pm, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Hi James,
> Today, each logical change is meant to have its own review request. If you
> have three things that are related but are separately worked on, each should
> be put up for review separately. There's no notion of a review request that
> encompasses several different changes. I personally think this is good, as
> it keeps it organized and keeps things smaller.
> Where things may change over the next several months is how diffs are
> handled when used with a DVCS like Git. In those cases, it makes sense to be
> able to have a review request for one change but with several iterative
> diffs leading up to that one change. It would still be one logical change,
> but with multiple diffs instead of one big diff. I don't know how well this
> concept would really apply in the SVN guess. I suspect it wouldn't.
> Now, I'm not fully sure I understand how your project is organized. Is each
> Java component in a different repository? If not, can't one diff be
> generated that has all the changes to all the components, and then put that
> up as one review request?
> If they are indeed in different repositories, then what you'd need is a way
> to have one review request that spans repositories. This is something that,
> for many reasons, we wouldn't be doing, so you'd have to have one review
> request per repository.
> I don't really understand your second request. It sounds like something that
> could be solved by a DVCS solution, or multiple checkouts of your
> repository.
> For the third request, this is something that's not really on the radar for
> a release right now. In order to do it right, I think we need to do more
> than revision ranges (especially for DVCS systems where it's not actually a
> numeric range). I'd like to do it correctly if we do it, and that will take
> some time and planning.
> Christian
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> On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 12:41 AM, james tong 
> <james_tong...@yahoo.com.cn>wrote:
> > Hi, all,
> > My team now is using the ReviewBoard-1.0.6 which is running on the Cent-OS
> > server. And this is really fantastic software which help us a lot for code
> > review.
> > However, we also found some troubles when doing review.
> > First, In our project, we need to update the code in more than one
> > components (java project), so we may generate several diff files for one
> > main function. And we find that it is impossible (or it is possible but we
> > did not find that?) to upload these diff files in the same review request.
> > Then we have to create several review requests for the same main function.
> > So, I send this email and hope to know what is others' way for this problem?
> > I think this may be a common case.
> > Second, for some case, we may need to change the same class for two main
> > functions at the same period (during the week by different team members), so
> > how to generate diff file and create the review request for this case? (Our
> > review request is created base on main function changes, and for this case,
> > one review request will contain the changes for other main function, there
> > may be some confusing). I know this might not be in the scope of this mail
> > list, but still hope to get some useful suggestion.
> >  Third, we are using svn as the repository. And we want to know that when
> > we can simply input the revision numbers in the web GUI for creating a
> > review request without uploading the diff file. :-)
> > Many Thanks
> > BR//
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> > Best Regards!
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