First - congrats on a great tool.  I've set it up at my company and
I'm working on creating processes using it.

I've got 1.5 RC1 running on RHEL.  We use MS Online Services for email
and I've created a dedicated review board email account
(coderevi...@abc.com).  I've configured the email settings to use MS
SMTP server.  When logged in to RB as some other user, the SMTP server
would reject the email since the "From" address doesn't match the
email account.

    SMTPSenderRefused(550, '5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to
send as this sender'...)

I'm assuming MS rejects it thinking it's spam.  Unfortunately, there's
no way to configure MS Online to allow this scenario for an individual
account.  I've worked around the issue by patching the
send_review_mail function in email.py -

    from_email = 'coderevi...@abc.com'
    message = SpiffyEmailMessage...

So now it works.  Is this a problem others are seeing?  Does it make
sense for RB, perhaps through a configuration option, to use the email
settings address as the from_email instead of the logged in RB user?
If so, I can submit a change request.


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