Christian Hammond wrote:
Yeah, the 2.9.x (which is a pre-release for 3.0) is incompatible. The previous series before that should be compatible.

We have a patch that provides 3.0 compatibility, but does not retain 2.x compatibility. I'll work at getting a version of this in for 1.5.

It sounds like search will be PyLucene based for the next release? There was discussion on maybe using Haystacks

I don't have a strong opinion on this (I don't us search otherwise I'd probably be working on this). If extra work is needed is it worth working on Haystack support instead? Based on the little I've seen Haystack shouldn't be that hard to pull in, i.e. could well be less work than fixing the native PyLucene support + it supports additional indexers which would make deployment/install easier too.


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