Hi, first of all thanks for the ReviewBoard, it is what I was looking
for months! I work at C3SL (we are mirror of sourceforge.net, ubuntu
and many others) and we have some projects with a large amount of
patchs per day. You certainly know how difficult is to handle this
using just e-mails.

Well, I installed the ReviewBoard successfully and now I have a doubt
about how to commit the changes marked as "Submitted" to the main
repository of the project. I'm using git and I want to know if the
commits to the repo should be made manually (shell command) or I can
make it using the ReviewBoard interface in some way.

If it is not possible now, I want to put it as a suggestion for future
versions. Allow the administrator to push a review to the main
repository using the ReviewBoard interface or better than that,
allowing the aministrator to configure a minimum number of reviewers
to check a review as "Submitted", when the ReviewBoard would make the
push automatically.

Thanks again,

Diego G. Pasqualin

By the way, sorry for my english, I'm learning ;)

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