On 08/09/2010 02:32 PM, Yang Zhang wrote:
> I'm using reviewboard with git projects, and I'm interested in hearing
> how other folks are handling non-linear DVCS histories. Each commit
> may have one or two parents - for those with two, how does one
> generate a patch from that (if you do at all)? Thanks.
I wrote a patch for git patchsets in post-review a long while ago:

It got two "ShipIt" replies, but Christian opted not to push it
upstream. I'm told there's a Google Summer of Code student working on
improving the DVCS support, but I'm still using my patch for my project.

Basically, my approach to git is to create a new branch from the
upstream master and then cherry-pick commits onto it. Then I run my
modified post-review command which auto-generates a separate review for
each patch. It constructs the "parent diff" for each one after the first
in the branch.

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