Hello, everyone.

First of all, thanks for this great piece of software!

There's something in the deployment for Review Board 1.5 RC1 which
made me waste some time and I think it's not necessary: It seems like
when RB is not running at "/", it alters the URLConf to put all the
URLs under that prefix.

But that seems to be broken, at least under FastCGI, and using the
following WSGI middleware is the work-around I've come up with:

def re_add_script_name(environ, start_response):
    environ['PATH_INFO'] = environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] +
    return application(environ, start_response)

I think there's no need to deal with the prefix. Letting Django do its
thing with FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME is the simplest and portable solution, I

Sorry if it's been discussed before, I searched this mailing list and
didn't find previous conversations.


 - Gustavo.

PS: I installed the site with Apache + WSGI, and then I changed my
mind and switched to Apache + FastCGI. I didn't get to try it with
Apache + mod_wsgi. Maybe the installer would have generated the
correct files if I had selected Apache + FastCGI in the first place,
but still, I think the SCRIPT_NAME shouldn't be preppended to the
URLConf for the reasons above.

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