I'm investigating setting up reviewboard at my work to put a decent
code review process in place, and am looking to automate some steps.
In particular what I'd like to do is have pre-putback checks on the
repository server (currently subversion though I'm looking to convert
this to git) which automatically checks that the review has been
completed before allowing the putback.  How I was thinking that this
could work would be to have client-side hooks which call post-review
and then integrate a line into the commit comments with the review
number or link, and then have a server-side hook that somehow verifies
that the review was approved (the "ship it" button hit or something
along those lines).

However what I'm not seeing is any scriptable way of checking the
status of a review.  Does something like this exist and I'm just not
finding it?

Alternately if you can point me towards any examples of a similar
setup that would be appreciated.

Optimally the workflow I'd like to see is something like this:

* Client issues a push (git push, svn commit) to the central repo
  - if no reviewboard tag present in commit message, post-review is
issued and push is rejected
  - if reviewboard tag is present then its status is checked, if
approved then the push is initiated

* Server receives the push, verifies that a reviewboard tag is present
in commit message and confirms that it is approved before committing
the push.

- Adam

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