abrightwell wrote:
I am considering integrating Review Board for my current project.
However, before doing so, I need to determine whether or not it will
place nicely with our current authentication process.  All
authentication for every tool on our project revolves around the
authentication scheme for our XMPP server.  The idea, essentially, is
to have a single sign on for all of our tools.  So, the question is
this, is there a way to configure Review Board to use an external
database (such as my XMPP server's database) for authentication?  If
so, where would I look to learn more about how to properly use this

This isn't something I've done but the mailing list has had a few discussions on this, related to LDAP. Basically this is a Django auth issue, try searching the list with those keywords. Also a Django resource would be a good place to check too (although I don't have any recommendations).


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