I've been working with John on this, and we finally pounded out
something that works.  We are running Review Board 1.5 RC1.  Say we
have a code base repo with ssh string of: 
. To generalize, it took us something like this to get hosted SSH from
Codebase working:

SSH Directories

For server setup on Ubuntu, Review Board is going to run as the Apache
user 'www-data'.  The Apache user's home (e.g., "$HOME") is '/var/www'
and we're installing Review Board to '/var/www/reviewboard'.  We have
a private key named "id_dsa", that is uploaded (and passphrase-less)
to Codebase.  We installed id_dsa on the server as follows:

* /var/www/.ssh/id_dsa
* /var/www/reviewboard/data/.ssh/id_dsa

(Actually with symlinks).  I'm not sure if this was strictly
necessary, but seemed the only combination to work.  Skimming (really
quickly) the code it seems that adding a repository with "ssh://" URL
does a validation against '/var/www/reviewboard/data/.ssh/id_dsa', but
using post-review on a dev. box causes actions on the server to use '/
var/www/.ssh/id_dsa' (with the Mercurial API calls).

Adding a Repository

Then, when we add a repository, the relevant fields we set were:

* Path: "ssh://some_u...@foo.codebasehq.com/path/to/repo.hg"
* Username: "some_user"
* Password: (Empty)

And everything seems to work (from post-review through actual reviews
on Review Board).

Not sure if the above behavior is / will be different with newer
versions of RB, but this is what got us through and actually hooked up
with Codebase, so hope it helps!


On Aug 13, 12:10 pm, John DeRosa <jo...@ipstreet.com> wrote:
> On Aug 13, 2010, at 3:20 AM, Christian Hammond wrote:
> > Try renaming id_rsa_ipstreet to just id_rsa. This is what paramiko is 
> > expecting to find in that directory.
> > Christian
> Done. Same thing happens.
> John

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