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I am encountering an error when using post-review with a changeset
range in a very particular scenario. I am using Subversion as my repo.
There were a group of new files (one was a binary image) svn added to
the repository in one of the changesets. When svn attempts its diff
all of the text files that had no previous revision (rev0 in the logs)
were fine except for the binary files that did now have a previous
revision. There is an error thrown:

'Index: Reports/toolbar/upd.gif\n',
\n', 'Files Reports/toolbar/upd.gif\t(revision 0) and Reports/toolbar/
upd.gif\t(revision 17489) differ\n', "svn: 'diff' returned 2\n", 'svn:
Error reading spooled REPORT request response\n']

I checked SVN docs and the svn diff command only accepts 0 and 1. When
checking the diffutils commands (
manual/diff.html#Invoking%20diff) it looks as though an exit status of
0 means no differences were found, 1 means some differences were
found, and 2 means trouble. When looking at
it looks as though diffutils returns 2 when one of the files does not
exist, yet the svn diff will return 1 if one of the files does not

Is there a way to tell post-review to NOT include the --diff-cmd param
so that SVN uses its native diff instead of the diffutils in my PATH?
Hopefully that will pull back the correct exit code. Otherwise I am
completely blocked if someone adds a binary file.


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