In which file does reviewboard invoke the "svn diff --diff-cmd=diff"
command? I have been looking but can not find it. I then thought that
you probably call the pysvn lib for this. I checked the pysvn
documentation (
pysvn_prog_ref.html#pysvn_client_diff) and there is a flag
"ignore_content_type" for the "pysvn.Client.diff" command. I assume
that reviewboard calls this method.

Is there a way I can manually include this flag?

Are there any other suggestions on how I can tell subversion, gnu
diff, or pysvn to ignore the content type so binary files do not block

Thanks for all of your help!

I really want to get this operating to show my organization how
awesome this tool is. In my opinion it beats out SmartBear
CodeCollaborator and Atlassian Crucible suites.


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