The revision selector has always been a bit confusing to me (and new
RB users in my company) and inconvenient.

It's not exactly clear what diff you're looking at, cumulative or
incremental (interdiff).

And it may take an extra click to get an interdiff, for example you
have 3 revisions and you're looking at diff 1-2. If you want to look
at 2-3, you have to click 3 in the first row first, then click 2 in
the second row. If you just click 3 in the second row you'll get 1-3.

I'd like to propose a different representation (too bad I can't attach
screenshot or use HTML here):

The default view is last revision:

Cumulative diff between baseline and revision 3 (latest)
Compare revision 3 to _(baseline)
Compare revision 2 to baseline 3
Compare revision 1 to baseline 2 3

_(...) means bold and unclickable, just like in the current revision

And interdiff looks like this:

Incremental diff between revision 2 and 3
Compare revision 3 to baseline
Compare revision 2 to baseline _(3)
Compare revision 1 to baseline 2 3

It takes n lines for n revisions, but I think it's much clearer and it
always takes only one click to get any pair of diff. And the pyramid
looks nice.

I have working code but it's too ugly to show, since I'm total newbie
to django template. I had to copy-n-paste code for marking current
diff, because for interdiff only the "current" item in the line where
revision is either diffset.revision or interdiffset.revision should be

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