Timothy Pinet wrote:
In which file does reviewboard invoke the "svn diff --diff-cmd=diff"
command? I have been looking but can not find it. I then thought that
you probably call the pysvn lib for this. I checked the pysvn
documentation (http://pysvn.tigris.org/docs/
pysvn_prog_ref.html#pysvn_client_diff) and there is a flag
"ignore_content_type" for the "pysvn.Client.diff" command. I assume
that reviewboard calls this method.

It actually isn't in ReviewBoard, it is in postreview.py :-)

Jut fork postreview locally and you can then customize it for your environment. This is very common, I've done it for my team as we needed a bunch of customizations which really aren't appropriate for anyone else.


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