The current diff viewer does not scale at all for a large review with
lots of changes in lots of files.

Maybe I'm just spoiled by the incredibly fast and super convenient
Beyond Compare. kdiff3 is also great.

I know I'm asking too much for a web app to work like a native diff
tool. But it could work much better by using tabs.

You would put the current file list (which is great) on the left, and
a tabbed pane on the right. Each tab contains one file.

There are at least 2 immediate and immense improvements:

1. The diff page height only grows at one extra line per file. Now the
page could be so long that I can't even see the scrollbar thumb.

2. You can jump back and forth in the files you're interested. This is
really the killer especially for reviewing c/c++ code with changes in
both .c and .h.

Is there any tabbed pane widget available in RB's current setup? I
could try it if this isn't totally crazy.

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