Eduardo> could you do a mockup of what you intend? 

I'm not sure a full mockup is necessary.  Suppose you post a review with
changes to five files.  The left-hand sidebar would be


while the main pane would consist of five tabs, one for each file (file2 is
the active tab in my bad ASCII art):

            /file1\ /file2\ /file3\ /file4\ /file5\
            -------         -----------------------

            line 1             | line 1
            line 2             | line 2
            ...                | ...

Each tab would display just the diff for a single file.  Clicking a tab or
the file name in the sidebar would bring that file's diff to the front.

At least that's how I understood the OP's proposal.

    Eduardo> Also, how would your proposed design scale to a very large
    Eduardo> review? Say one consisting of 50+ files.

I suspect at that size your tabs would have to cascade into multiple rows:

            /file1\ /file2\ /file3\ /file4\ /file5\
            /file6\ /file7\ /file8\ /file9\ /file10\

but I view that as just a complication of the JavaScript necessary to
work this wizardry.

Skip Montanaro - -

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