Apologies if this has been covered before, google didn't seem to have
an obvious answer. Is it possible to set a starting review # for a
clean install?

The issue is that we have a pre-1.0 installation that has been in use
for awhile now. Instead of trying to figure out how to upgrade the
database, I've just created a fresh new installation (of 1.5rc1) on a
fresh new server and we are just going to consider the previous
version effectively read-only.

But, on the new server, I'd like to start the review number +1 higher
than the old server so that we don't have conflicting numbers in svn
commit messages.

I see that reviews_review.id is auto_increment. I know that I can do:
"ALTER TABLE reviews_review AUTO_INCREMENT = 100;", but I also see a
'review_request_id' column. What is that used for? Do you see any
other issues with this approach?



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