I'm a newbie setting up a reviewboard v1.5 rc1 server on RHEL5 to
review code from a remote Subversion repository.

However, when I add a repository, the visible flag is set to false and
I can't create a review since there is no repository. Adding other
repositories has the same result. Visible = false.

I enabled logging and the only svn repository message looks like a
good one:
        2010-08-23 10:53:32,153 - DEBUG - SVN: Got repository
information for http://svnserver/svn/dev: [('dev', <PysvnInfo ''>)]

I've done some searching in this group and didn't see the same issue.
If I missed one, can you please forward the link?

I've read and re-read the admin docs. The trouble is, it appears to be
configured OK.

I'd really like to use this tool with my group but am blocked. Any
info would be greatly appreciated!


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