I finally made ReviewBoard up. I wish to know whether the following
things are possible in Review Board,

I tested the Review Board like this,

Step 1: I changed a file which is already in repository and checked
Step 2: Posted the change (diff between current and previous
version)into ReviewBoard.
Step 3: Reviewed, added comments, and publish it
Step 4: Modified the code with respect to comments and checked in.
Step 5: Posted again into the same review-request-id
Step 6: Can see the diff between reviewed version and current version

Now, is there a way to map the earlier comments with the code change?
 is it possible to track the comments given in a version with future
Is it possible to see a summary of comments?

I think it would be nice to see summary of comments and classify as a
"bug" or "not a bug" etc
also classify user as reviewer or review leader etc

After a week long struggle in installation, now i feel simple XL is
better to track the review comments than using Review Board ! or am i
missing something?


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