So, to summarize in case someone is searching through these archives

Perforce, when security is turned on (this is a p4d server setting) will
have different restrictions on what can and can't be done with the
password on the CLIENT (i.e. you can't necessarily simply set an
environment variable and run with it.  For reference, see the P4
SysAdmin Guide at
081537 )

User RShelley is running into issues with this and is having difficulty. has a patch (which was
discarded) which "handles" this situation for user tag_98007work.

But, if you're on Windows (or potentially in some other environments),
you're quite possibly using a .egg/.exe "compiled" version of Review
Board and therefore it may be difficult to implement patches to the .py
Python source.  If you use the interpreted version, then you can apply
the patch and things might work for you (if your environment is like
that of user tag_98007work )

Does that seem to sum things up OK?

Note that I don't see any of the problems described here, but I had to
do the following to get post-review to work for everyone:
1 - Everyone has to have the following environment set: P4PORT, P4USER,
2 - Everyone has to be running P4V when they run post-review (I actually
added it as a tool to P4V so the users can right click on any changelist
and hit "submit to reviewboard" and nobody needs to use a command
line/shell command at all)
With perforce 2009.2/2010.1 this works fine with no problems : the
ticket from P4V is visible to the p4 command line (called from
post-review) and everything's fine (this is using latest RBTools
installed with the command "easy_install -U RBTools" and review board
1.5 beta 2)

Dana Lacoste

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My head hurts... Perforce consistently gives me reasons to not like
it... Git can't come soon enough.

Thanks for trying, I appreciate it!

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