Dana, that sums it up pretty well.  My problem is that the post-commit
command isn't being run by the user, it's run from a script on another
box (so it's not using P4V).  "p4 login" is called first to attempt to
login and obtain a ticket and then I can use the ticket for future
commands, but post-review doesn't accept a ticket parameter and p4
isn't taking it from the environment.  If I could pass it to post-
review with the rest of the p4 properties, it'd be splendid.

On Aug 25, 3:04 pm, "Dana Lacoste" <dlaco...@aperio.com> wrote:
> So, to summarize in case someone is searching through these archives
> later:
> Perforce, when security is turned on (this is a p4d server setting) will
> have different restrictions on what can and can't be done with the
> password on the CLIENT (i.e. you can't necessarily simply set an
> environment variable and run with it.  For reference, see the P4
> SysAdmin Guide 
> athttp://www.perforce.com/perforce/r10.1/manuals/p4sag/03_superuser.html#1
> 081537 )
> User RShelley is running into issues with this and is having difficulty.
> http://reviews.reviewboard.org/r/1537/diff/has a patch (which was
> discarded) which "handles" this situation for user tag_98007work.
> But, if you're on Windows (or potentially in some other environments),
> you're quite possibly using a .egg/.exe "compiled" version of Review
> Board and therefore it may be difficult to implement patches to the .py
> Python source.  If you use the interpreted version, then you can apply
> the patch and things might work for you (if your environment is like
> that of user tag_98007work )
> Does that seem to sum things up OK?
> Note that I don't see any of the problems described here, but I had to
> do the following to get post-review to work for everyone:
> 1 - Everyone has to have the following environment set: P4PORT, P4USER,
> 2 - Everyone has to be running P4V when they run post-review (I actually
> added it as a tool to P4V so the users can right click on any changelist
> and hit "submit to reviewboard" and nobody needs to use a command
> line/shell command at all)
> With perforce 2009.2/2010.1 this works fine with no problems : the
> ticket from P4V is visible to the p4 command line (called from
> post-review) and everything's fine (this is using latest RBTools
> installed with the command "easy_install -U RBTools" and review board
> 1.5 beta 2)
> Dana Lacoste
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> On Behalf Of RShelley
> Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 1:37 PM
> To: reviewboard
> Subject: Re: post-review and P4PASSWD
> My head hurts... Perforce consistently gives me reasons to not like
> it... Git can't come soon enough.
> Thanks for trying, I appreciate it!

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