On Monday 30 August 2010 07:14:39 pm J Arrizza wrote:
> Christian,
> He does not respond to emails, so I thought I'd throw it on this list to
> see if others have had any luck with it. My apologies.
> Gilles,
> I got the most recent copy of the extension and it fixed some of the
> exceptions but not all. The reason I think it's an incompatible versions
> issue is that there are calls on python objects to methods that don't
> exist. I'm just guessing there is some combination of mercurial and the
> extension that work well together...
> BTW you have a typo in the URL:
>  http://code.google.com/p/mercurial-reviewboard/
> John

We have been unable to contact the original author either.
That's why Colin Caughie started this fork.
There might be still some incompatibilities between the latest mercurial and 
the plugin. I also expect some problems with RB 1.5 that I have not tried 


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