I try to run two parallel ReviewBoard instances right now. Here is what I did to set them up:

With the old instance:

- renamed the old database and changed the configuration accordingly
- renamed the virtual host and moved the site directory and changed the virtual host configuration accordingly (search and replace) - checked any site configuration entries in the database to contain the new url

The New instance:
- created it via rb-site command
- used a completely new database
- the usual set up steps

Now, if both instances ar activated in the apache configuration, I often get the error "Cookies must be enabled..." or on a page refresh it seems that i'm logged out again. Additionally, it suddenly jumps from one instance to another displaying the contents of the wrong instance (url and displayed contents don't match)

Now, two questions:

1. Am I supposed to use one database for the two instances instead of two seperate ones? 2. what could cause the two instances to be mixed up? maybe memcached? have I maybe forgot some parameter which is still the same in both instances and used as a key in memcached?

Any help appreciated!

Kind Regards,

(Admin of reviewboard.kde.org)

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