I've inherited a review board server setup by someone who has left.
Things have been swimming along quite well until recently, when LDAP
authentications began to fail.  Those users currently logged in are
able to continue working, but any new logins fail.  Nothing seems to
be logged, and since I cannot login, I do not have admin access to the

I do, however, have root access to the machine.  It appears that our
site was setup to use a sqlite database.  Accessing this directly, I
can see the tables, and even manipulate the auth_users table.  I've
tried a few things like escalating another user that is logged in to
super user status, but I'm guessing they need to logout/login to get
the new privs (nothing new showed up in their browser.)

I see that there is an admin user, though regettably, I don't have the
password.  How can I re-create a new sha1 hash appropriate to
reviewboard that I can substitute for this user?  I've looked at a few
sha1 generators, but they all seem to produce the incorrect format.
The format in our existing admin user starts with sha1$14...$  then
what appears to be the hash.  What is the significance of the
characters between the two dollar signs?

I appreciate any assistance!



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