Hello Mr. Christian,

I have upgraded to rc2 and given the gitweb link. But i still get
error stating "A repository was not found at the specified path."

When i login to gitweb i can see the repository but when i give the
same in the path it gives error. Can i get some examples. Or shall i
send u actual snapshots of the links so that it is much clear?

Details regarding ny git setup:

Setup on Ubuntu server
Is a private setup
Using gerrit for authentication

Chetan D

On Sep 28, 3:37 pm, Chetan <chetan....@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>      Can anyone share me the steps to configure RB with GIT version
> control system.
> I access my git repo from ubuntu by executing git clone
> ssh://<user_id>@<ip_address>:<port_no>/tst_prj.git
> Now when i try to give ssh://<user_id>@<ip_address>:<port_no>/tst_prj.git
> as the PATH value under new repository tab i get below error. (New
> repository->repository Hosting-> Path)
> (-2, 'Name or service not known')
> The git project is on a seperate GIT server inside the organisation.
> It is a private git setup. RB and GIT are on 2 different servers. I
> have not cloned the git repository on RB server.
> Request your assistance on setting up GIT with RB

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