Thanks to Christian, David, and everyone else for the 1.5 release. It looks great! I love the drag-n-drop screen shot feature.

I'm in the process of migrating to 1.5 from an older release and I've a few site specific customizations that I've made such as email content/formatting changes that I'll have to move forward.

I've also got a few generic code (and formatting) changes that could other users may want, e.g.

  1. Is this of any interest to other users? I.e. is it worth me
     re-working and posting a review for 1.5? I'm going to make the
     change for my site, I'm trying to workout if this is worth
     spending more time on it so others can benefit.
  2. If there is interest, any suggestions for improvement?
  3. If I re-work the change for 1.5 is this likely to get into 1.5.1
     (etc.) or would this be a 1.6 thing?

I'm not in a huge hurry to upgrade, I'd like work out how I'm going to approach the upgrade.

Thanks again for such a great and useful tool.


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