The carriage returns in the settings fields of django_project_version
were indeed the problem. I converted all cr/lf pairs to lf and the
upgrade worked perfectly.

Thanks for the help.

On Oct 1, 4:52 pm, D Krueger <> wrote:
> I've tracked down the source of the problem, but I don't know of a
> solution (if there is one).
> I invoked rb-site on the test site we created when first testing
> 1.0.5.
> It worked perfectly.
> So I started using pdb to investigate where rb-site was failing on our
> standard site, which led me to:
>   django_evolution/management/>None ->
>   old_proj_sig = pickle.loads(str(latest_version.signature))
> Then I investigated the differences in the signature values in
> django_project_version for the working and non-working
> installations. The non-working one had ^M after every line because it
> had been migrated from a Windows server.
> My suspicion is that the signature pickled by the Windows server isn't
> compatible with the Linux server. Is that a possbility?
> I'm at a loss as to how to proceed. Any help would be much appreciated
> (as is the help already given).

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