Last sunday I upgraded from 1.0.2 beta to 1,5
In the process,  the code-base  was updated but not the database (I
was seeing errors about missing columns etc)

To resolve : I created a new site, which created a new database (with
new schema)
I pointed my older-site to  point to this new database (As Reviewboard
was not  live then  in my team, there was not much data in my old
database , so it was ok to point to new DB)

We use p4-tickets and I had already wirtten batch file to keep on
upgrading the tickets in scm-repository table of old DB.
When I started pointing to new DB,  I completely  forgot to update the
batch script to update the tkt in new DB.
batch script  still continued to update the tkt in scm-repositroy
table  of old DB

Surprisingly, I am not getting any errors and things are working
perfectly fine.
This has confused me,   should it not error-out if the tkt in the DB,
that i am pointing to,  is not updated ?

All my review requests records  are going in new DB,
P4 tkt is NOT getting updated in new DB and still things are working
Whats happening here?

We've already started using RB now.
Want to resolve right-away,  if somethings wrong with my setup...
before its too late

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