After posting a review #455 for a particular branch in git using:
post-review .... --revision-range a:b

For a subsequent diff revision I'd like to automatically determine
what revision 'b' was in order to do
post-review -r 455 --revision-range b:c

Unfortunately it looks like I can't query Review Board for revision
'b'.  Through the REST api it appears that I can only access the blob
ids for each file which makes it difficult to determine the commit
id.  Am I missing something there?  If Review Board could just store
the sha1 ids when a diff is generated with post-review it would make
it much easier.

I can always stick revision 'b' into the description and then parse it
out of the description for subsequent diff revisions but then it will
only work for reviews posted with my tool and not for reviews posted
directly with post-review.


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