It seems that there is not way to script adding users, is this correct?

My use case is something like this:

I want to create my list of users in ReviewBoard en masse, so that I
can start creating reviews as part of a post-commit hook script from
SVN.  I'd be happy to do it with the Web API.  I already have a nicely
formatted list of users, a little script that can talk to the API, but
the API doesn't seem to have anything for me to hook into for this

Suggestions?  Including "You're doing an insane thing - this (x) is a
better method".

Also:  Is there any way to have a mixed mode authentication?

i.e. I have a user 'Alice' for example in SVN, who does not have an
LDAP entry (and will never have an LDAP entry).

Something like: Try LDAP first - if the user does not exist there,
check our local auth store ( the ReviewBoard default ).

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