i have a few questions regarding the ereviewboard plugin for Eclipse.
Maybe someone who´s using it can help me out.

1.) Is there any kind of end user documentation available? I know how
to install the plugin via the update site but what i´m missing is
something like "How to configure the task repository" and "How to
create a review request".

2.) What are the main features of the plugin. Is it possible to create
pre- and post-commit reviews as well or are there any restrictions?

3.) Is there still active development? The last commit on
http://github.com/mknittig/ereviewboard is more than five month ago.

Thanks a lot.


PS: I would love to help out with some documentation, but right now
http://github.com/mknittig/ereviewboard/issues#issue/3 prevents me
from installing the plugin! ;-(

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