Did something change in the way Subversion repositories that are accessed via 
ssh are handled in RB 1.5?  Our setup is as follows:

  1. Our web server runs on a Linux server as our build account (not apache)
  2. The build account is configured to allow password-less ssh access to any 
other Linux system
  3. We access our Subversion repositories via svn+ssh:// exclusively

In a prior version of RB (1.0.9?) I was able to add a new Subversion repository 
without having to supply a username and password in the "Add repository" admin 
screen.  Today I tried to add another Subversion repository for the first time 
since upgrading to RB 1.5, and unless I specify the username and password for 
our build account, it won't let me add a repository.  Furthermore, RB had me 
create a /.ssh directory owned by the user running the web server.  Is this 
expected behavior or an unwanted side effect?  Could I have something 


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