> SSH support for Subversion (and other types of repositories) was hard to set 
> up and required too much manual intervention. In 1.5, we added built-in 
> support for handling HTTPS and SSH. If you had an existing manual setup, then 
> it is indeed possible that the changes could cause problems.

Thanks for the quick response.  To be clear, the only issue I was experiencing 
was when adding a new repository.  RB 1.5 was not able to find the ssh keys, 
but creating the .ssh directory under data, and setting HOME in the apache 
config file solved this issue for us.  This also explains why it was looking 
for it in /.ssh when HOME was not set.  I don't know where (or how) RB 1.0.9 
was able to find the ssh keys before.  Could it have been looking in ~/.ssh for 
the user that runs apache?  Because that's the only place where the keys were 
stored until I copied them to the data/.ssh directory.


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