(This is a follow up to this thread:
but I've made a lot of changes).

I have a fresh reviewboard 1.5 install.   I cannot get authentication
to the web api working at all.   I have a superuser account setup.
(I get the same results with the admin account).  I've tried a perl
script, but I've fallen back to the web browser and wget. I'm trying:

$ wget --http-user=test --http-password=test http://reviewboard/api/info/
-O -
--13:49:18--  http://reviewboard/api/info/
Resolving reviewboard...
Connecting to reviewboard||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 UNAUTHORIZED
Authorization failed.

I did a tcpdump and I seem to be sending the right auth header:

Authorization: Basic dGVzdDp0ZXN0\r\n

If I try the same url in firefox, I get the same results.    Same,
basic auth header.

However, if I login to the reviewboard web site in firefox, and hit
that api url while still logged in, it works.  I checked with Live
HHTP headers, and it's sending a cookie:

Cookie: csrftoken=3c25a25c4c6ced636686afac7a25a4f1;

but no auth headers.  I've turned on logging, but there's nothing

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