On 2010-11-26 15:06, Christian Hammond wrote:
Hey Scott,

The default registration method is to allow anyone to register a new
account. However, it's not moderated, as you know. That's something
that could be accomplished by unsetting the 'active' flag on the User
entry in the database, which an auth backend could certainly do. So,
short term, if you wanted you could probably just create a new Django
auth backend and tell Review Board to use it. I'm working on
documentation on how to create these and use them, and have some plans
for making it easier to work with them in 1.6.

What you also probably want is some notification on newly registered
users. The auth backend could potentially do this too.

So, if you want to get going fast, that's probably what you should do.
However, one option we could add is to have a new option in
Authentication Settings for "Require approval for new accounts" or
something to that effect. When checked, new accounts would be set
inactive by default, and an e-mail would go out to the admins of the
site (or some other preconfigured address). The admin would then just
need to go into the admin UI and set them active.

Does that sound about what you'd want?

Yes, that would do nicely.

Would it be a small change to just change the default value of the 'active' flag be false? Until the notification system was in place I could just instruct new users that they need to send mail to me after they create an account....

I also have a couple of suggestions on how to customize the site. I've done them by hand on mine (which won't be generally visible until I've got SSL installed), but I'm pretty sure I can see how to extend the Settings to support what I've done in a more general way. I'll take a stab at it and post some patches.

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