On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 6:33 PM, Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence)
<o...@lindenlab.com> wrote:
> Yes, that would do nicely.
> Would it be a small change to just change the default value of the 'active'
> flag be false?   Until the notification system was in place I could just
> instruct new users that they need to send mail to me after they create an
> account....

It should be, yeah. You can modify RegistrationForm in
reviewboard/accounts/forms.py to do it. Off the top of my head, you
could probably add a new save method, like:

    def save(self):
        user = super(RegistrationForm, self).save()

        if user:
            user.active = False

        return user

Of course, you'll have to patch that for every release. That, or clone
our Git repository and do your own builds from that, keeping this
change in a branch.

> I also have a couple of suggestions on how to customize the site.  I've done
> them by hand on mine (which won't be generally visible until I've got SSL
> installed), but I'm pretty sure I can see how to extend the Settings to
> support what I've done in a more general way.  I'll take a stab at it and
> post some patches.

I'd love to hear about them.


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