On 2010-11-26 21:41, Christian Hammond wrote:
It should be, yeah. You can modify RegistrationForm in
reviewboard/accounts/forms.py to do it. Off the top of my head, you
could probably add a new save method, like:

     def save(self):
         user = super(RegistrationForm, self).save()

         if user:
             user.active = False

         return user

Of course, you'll have to patch that for every release. That, or clone
our Git repository and do your own builds from that, keeping this
change in a branch

I wanted to see if it would work to do this, so a added this to


but even after setting the permissions to allow apache to write the .pyc file it does not get updated. Is there some magic I need to invoke to get the source recompiled? (without that, all users are still starting as active)

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