I have a Subversion server, and Review Board 1.5 installed (on
Windows) and chose to do post-commit reviews.
So far, I wrote a quite simple batch script that (using a scheduled
task) checks in Subversion if there's new commits and if so, publishes
review requests using post-review.

To enhance the process and turn it a bit more professionnal, I try to
develop a C# app that would do more or less the same, but the clean
way :)

The problem is that I have problems doing that, I can't even
authenticate :/

Do you have an idea on how to do simple tasks such as authenticating /
publishing simple review requests / ... ? I dream about a C# sample
that uses the RB WepApi...

Thanks in advance

PS : I can of course publish the app I'll develop if it can be useful
for someone.

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