On 2010-12-21 20:07, Christian Hammond wrote:
First, there are two APIs today: the old Review Board 1.0 API, and the
new REST one in RB 1.5.

Today, post-review uses the RB 1.0 API only. I have a chance pending,
which needs some additional work done first, that will update
post-review to use either API, depending on what version of the server
it's talking to.

That explains much of what was confusing me...

The old API is going away in 1.6.

So if you did have to touch the API for your needs, then what I'd
recommend is to wait for my new change to land in post-review (ideally
within the week or so -- holidays will undoubtedly get in the way) and
then implement the server-side part using the new API.

Certainly, having some method to quickly query by name on the server
will be more scalable than the get_repositories call, as large servers
with many repositories could result in large amounts of data being
downloaded/parsed, and in the case of the new API, multiple requests
to handle the pagination.

Yes, a direct REST api that returned the url for a name would certainly be helpful.

Do you plan to make it possible to require authentication for the REST apis in 1.6? I'm currently running my server with anonymous access disabled because enabling anon access made the REST query apis open.

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