I am trying to get reviewboard authentificate through our LDAP
infrastructure, but I cannot make it work (got "the specified object
does not exist").

I don't know much about LDAP unfortunately, so I am not sure where the
error lies. We got trac connecting to LDAP, but at the apache level,
as followed:

  AuthName "Company Name"
  AuthLDAPURL "ldap://x.x.x.x:389/ou=people,dc=x,dc=y,dc=z";
  AuthLDAPBindDN "cn=admin,dc=x,dc=y,dc=z"
  AuthLDAPBindPassword xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

FWIW, I could not make it work using the python ldap library either:

  l = ldap.open("x.x.x.x:389")
  username = "cn=admin,dc=x,dc=y,dc=z"
  password = "xxxxxxxxx"

  l.simple_bind(username, password) # fails with (2, 'No such file or

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