We are trying to start using reviewboard with one of our bigger repos (~5k 
revs) and we are having a lot of trouble with "giv svn info". post-review 
runs this every time to check if the current repo is under git-svn control 
(disclaimer: a lot of those 5k revs were migrated from SVN using git-svn, 
but that was a one-time conversion), and given that it takes 7 minutes on 
our main branch, that makes post-review very aggravating. Is there some way 
to turn this check off since we know for sure that it will never come back 
true? Something in git config or .reviewboardrc would be ideal so we don't 
have to remember another command-line argument each time. Does this exist or 
should I submit a patch?

--Noah Kantrowitz
Atari, Inc

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